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Indo-Pacific Voices is IPC’s podcast hosted by its members. Each episode presents regional perspectives on emergent issues.


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Prologue – Indo-Pacific Voices
Voices: Gaurav Saini

Gaurav Saini delivers a short monologue about Indo-Pacific Voices. He elaborates on the idea behind this podcast, its uniqueness, and its importance for the Indo Pacific Circle.

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#EP1 Balance of Power or Clash of Civilizations: Unpacking the geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific
Voices: Dr. Happymon Jacob, Prof. C. Raja Mohan

In the inaugural episode, Dr. Happymon Jacob and Prof. C. Raja Mohan discuss the current geopolitical churn in the Indo-Pacific. They discuss the role of sovereignty, and the interests of smaller states adjusting their foreign policies to this churn. Prof. C. Raja Mohan unpacks the current narrative of India’s role in global visions of the Indo-Pacific and assesses its capabilities to enact this role.

The opinions expressed in this podcast do not represent the organizational views held by either the Council for Strategic and Defense Research or the Centre for Policy Research.

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