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Chennai Residency

23-27 July, 2022

This annual residency brought together 50-60 members of the Indo-Pacific Circle to discuss their ongoing research, take part in workshops, and spark new collaborative research opportunities. 



P S Raghavan.jpg

Amb P.S Raghavan


Suhasini Haidar

Daniel Shields_edited.png

Daniel Shields

Shankari Sundaraman_edited.png

Prof. Shankari Sundararaman


Prof. Lawrence Prabhakar

rakesh sood_edited_edited.png

Amb Rakesh Sood

Cmde R S Vasan (1)_edited.png

Cmde R.S Vasan

Virsa Perkins_edited_edited.png

Virsa Perkins


MK Narayanan

Manu Pillai_edited.png

Manu Pillai

Emily Tallo_edited.png

Emily Tallo

Kenji Miyata_edited.png

Kenji Miyata

Michael Costa_edited.png

Michael Costa

Sonika Gupta_edited.png

Sonika Gupta

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