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Dr Sabine Kapasi

Dr. Sabine Kapasi is a gynaecologist and a health policy and governance strategy lead. She has worked with several health care businesses and projects in public and private sector industries. Studied data strategy from The Wharton School, HBS, and Stern NYU. She advise the government of 5 states on health policy, the office of the PS health GOI, and the US department of state.

She has worked with the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) as part of the pre-first responders' team. She worked in several crisis areas, standardizing governance interventions and mapping connections of supply lines of food, defense and healthcare with help from on-the-ground intelligence assets, and negotiating the safe passage for the movement of essential supplies in conflict and calamity regions. She worked in conflict regions of DRC, Peru, Venezuela, South Korea, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Poland, Estonia, and Kazakhstan.

She is excited about her existing work with new emerging technologies in healthcare, health services, health financing and several areas of health education. She believes that technology integration is the key to make the healthcare system more responsive and economical.


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