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Dr Ramya Panuganty

P S Ramya is currently working as an Assistant Manager and Research Lead, at ARSLAN SRS. She completed her PhD from South Asian University, New Delhi, and is a former Research Fellow at the International Strategic and Security Studies Programme, National Institute of Advanced Studies. Focused on Pakistan, Myanmar, and India’s economy and geopolitics, her research has been published in several journals including the International Journal of Geopolitics, World Focus, and ISSSP Reflections. Her specific research interests include governance and legislative development in South and Southeast Asia, and institutionalism and its relation to authoritarianism. Her upcoming book chapter in Northeast India and India’s Act East Policy: Identifying the Priorities, published by Routledge, is titled, ‘Understanding Myanmar’s Perspective on India’s Act East Policy: An Analysis’.


Could Chinese Expansionism Push South Korea and Japan Closer Together?:

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