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Md. Nahiyan Shajid Khan

"Md. Nahiyan Shajid Khan is Research Officer of Bangladesh Institute for International and Strategic Studies (BIISS). His research interests draw on his background of being a student of International Relations, developed through his academic activities and his engagement with various youth activism. He is currently engaged in studying the diplomatic engagements of Bangladesh in various multilateral platforms and the changing dynamics in the geopolitical landscape of Indo-pacific region. He has done his bachelor’s and master’s thesis on respectively on “Belt and Road Initiative: Security Implications on Bangladesh” and “Free & Open Indo-Pacific Strategy and Bangladesh: Opportunities and Implications for Bangladesh.” He worked as rapporteur in previously with Japan embassy funded seminar on “Geopolitics of Indo-Pacific and Reconnecting the Bay of Bengal Littorals”, “Exploring Korea-Bangladesh Relations in the last five decades and beyond”, joint program of BIISS and Bangabandhu Centre for Bangladesh Studies, Canada on “Rohingya Exodus in Bangladesh: Regional and Global Security Implications.” He was speech writer in EU’s Indo-Pacific Special Envoy’s Eminent person lecture series. He also worked as rapporteur, guest communicator, concept note developer and speech writer in different seminars. He has editorial experience with the book on “Militancy and National Security of Bangladesh: Policy Options and Strategic Outlook” and “Bangabandhu and Bangladesh: An Epic of a Nations Emergence and Emancipation”. He wrote a book review on “The Rohingya Crisis: A Moral, Ethnography and Policy Assessment.” He worked as a research assistant in the book chapter on “Development Trajectory and Imperatives for Vision 2041” for “Bangabandhu and Bangladesh: An Epic of a Nations Emergence and Emancipation.”
Md. Nahiyan Shajid Khan obtained his Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) and Master of Social Science from the Department of International Relations, Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP). He has been serving at BIISS since April 2021."


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