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Mr A.S.M. Tarek Hassan

A.S.M. Tarek Hassan Semul is a Research Fellow at the Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS). He has over nine years of research and policy analysis experience in foreign policy, international security and strategic studies. He has worked on power asymmetry among the great powers and small states in South and Southeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific region, particularly Bangladesh, Myanmar and other Bay of Bengal littorals. Mr Hassan is interested in understanding small states' dilemmas and responses to the brewing geostrategic rivalry among the great powers in the Indian Ocean region. Nationalism and populism’s reemergence as the response to the neoliberal and globalized world is another field of his research interest as he is interested to see if there are any common patterns or differences in such responses in the Western societies and the post-colonial states of South and Southeast Asia (i.e. Myanmar, India). With the rapid advancement in technology, both state and non-state actors are adapting to the evolving nature of warfare. Their coping strategies are another area of research interest for Mr Hassan. Before joining BIISS, Mr Hassan worked at the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) as a Program Associate on a CPD-Christian Michelsen Institute, Norway research project on parliaments and political parties of Bangladesh. Before that, he completed his internship at the Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI) on Counter-Terrorism in Bangladesh. Mr Hassan obtained his MSS and BSS in International Relations from the University of Dhaka. He has participated in the Kautilya Fellowship program 2020, India, which was jointly organized by the India Foundation and India’s Ministry of External Affairs. He has participated in numerous conferences both at home and abroad as well as presented and published articles, and book chapters on topics related to international security, geopolitics, foreign policy, globalization and radicalization.


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