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Mr Abhivardhan

Abhivardhan is the Chairperson & Managing Trustee of the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law & the Managing Partner of Indic Pacific Legal Research. Abhivardhan possesses research competence and experience of international technology law, global governance, corporate innovation and cultural intelligence. Abhivardhan is a regular contributor to various law, technology and policy magazines and blogs. He is an author of “AI Ethics and International Law: An Introduction” (2019) and is a proponent of the Indic approach to AI Ethics. He is available on LinkedIn. Abhivardhan has authored various papers on international technology law and even authored as well as edited many books so far in the realms of public international law and international law & artificial intelligence. His speaking and research interests lie in Indo-Pacific, disruptive technology ethics & policies, artificial intelligence governance, Indo-European culture & music, global governance, sustainable development, digital connectivity and public international law.


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