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Mr Gujjeti Anudeep

Gujjeti Anudeep is a PhD candidate from the Department of Political Science, University of Hyderabad. He is currently working on Neo-Classical Realism and Indo-Japan relations in the Post-Cold War period. He completed his M.Phil and Masters in Political Science from the University of Hyderabad. Previously, he has worked as Research Associate at Council for Social Development, an ICSSR Institute, Hyderabad. He has convened a two-day national seminar on “Status of Health Indicators in Telangana since 2014” and worked on various other projects. He has had his articles published in The Diplomat, The Hindu, Businessline and ORCA-India. His research interests include Indian Foreign Policy, Japanese Foreign Policy, Indo-Japan relations, Indo-Pacific, Soft Power, and Non-traditional security.


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