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Ms Munira Mustaffa

Ms. Munira Mustaffa founded Chasseur Group and serves as its Executive Director and principal consultant. In addition, she is a non-resident fellow at New Lines Institute for Strategy and Policy, a Washington, DC-based independent policy think tank, and a fellow at Verve Research, an independent research collective focusing on the relationship between the military and society in the context of political development in the Indo-Pacific region. Since 2014, she has worked professionally in the security field, including the corporate, public, and military sectors. Her work on terrorism, extremism, militancy in Southeast Asia, and cyber warfare has been published by the New Lines Institute for Strategy and Policy, NATO's Strategic Communications Center of Excellence (STRATCOMCOE), and the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET). She obtained a Master’s degree from University College London (UCL).


“Social Media Discourse in Malaysia on the Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Rationales for Pro-Russia Sentiments”, ISEAS Perspective, 22 Apr 2022, on-the-russia-ukraine-conflict-rationales-for-pro-russia-sentiments-by-benjamin-y-h-loh-and-munira-mustaffa/

“Radical Right Activities in Nusantara’s Digital Landscape: A Snapshot”, Global Network on Extremism & Technology (GNET), 19 Apr 2022,

“The Kadyrovtsy: Putin’s Force Multiplier or Propaganda Tool?”, New Lines Institute for Strategy & Policy, 7 Mar 2022,

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