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Ms Shereen Sherif

Shereen Sherif is currently pursuing her PhD in International Relations with a specialization in Diplomacy and Disarmament, at the Jawaharlal Nehru University. She has formerly served as a Research Associate at the Teresian Centre for Research and Development, Ernakulam, a Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Public Policy Research, and a Research Associate at the National Maritime Foundation, New Delhi. Her research interests include ancient, medieval and modern Indian history, maritime history, national identities, postcolonial theory, oral history, and strategic and security studies. Her work has been published in journals such as International Studies, and the Maritime Affairs Journal.


International Fleet Reviews: Showcasing India's Naval Orientation

Local Actors as Force Multipliers: Lessons from Operation Madad in Kerala:

Vietnam’s Dilemma in Context of South China Sea:
United States versus China:

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